SONA 2012 Reaction Paper or Reflection Paper

As soon as President Aquino III has done his job in delivering his 3rd State of the Nation Address (SONA), many students and teachers are on their way in scouring the web for SONA 2012 reaction paper or reflection paper.

It is a practice in the academe that after every great event in our country's history, teachers or professors in high schools or colleges will require their students to write their reflection or reaction on the said event. With this, we will join you in searching the web for a relevant sample of reaction paper written about PNoy's SONA on 2012.

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We will also read between the lines of the SONA 2012 full transcript in order for us to understand what the president has ought to deliver convey on the said speech. We will do an unbias review and we will also do our homework in writing our own version of SONA 2012 reaction paper or reflection paper.

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SONA 2012 English translation

Finally, here's our reaction paper on SONA 2012.

President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) last July 23, 2012 has triggered thousands of critics around the nation. While some says there’s a lot of positivity in the various subjects he tackled, there were some who believes otherwise. Unreachable, says some critics. Yet despite of the ambivalence in the projects and plans he cited, Filipinos were as overzealous to listen to Pnoy’s plans in maneuvering the Philippines to become a tiger economy in Asia.

Here’s the core topic which the President have addressed in full bravado during his last SONA.

Corruption has been the foremost malady affecting the growth of our country. Where taxpayer’s money were lost to unscrupulous persons lurking behind prominent government agencies. PNoy had issued warnings against those agencies. He mentioned certain issues concerning some GOCC’s and that he declared that there will be no more cash advances. The same remarks with was applauded by the audience when he declared that incentives will be given to those who really worked in the local government units. This, according to him will benefit those who really worked hard in the service of the people and would deter those alleged “ghost employees”. He also mentioned in passing the scandalous PAGCOR’s “coffee scam” which made headlines as well as the helicopter deal which was outrageously priced.

These are but few among his SONA addressed that were applauded by the audience. Filipinos are fed up with corruption. It is draining our coffers which should have gone to projects that would help millions of Filipinos. Filipinos are fed up with promises. They have been hearing that stuff every election season when politicians go down every street corners just to beg for people’s votes. Promising everything albeit nothing happens. More Filipinos were sinking into poverty. All they needed to hear were not promises but actions. Pnoy had cited the blunder of the past administration. When does he ever stopped finding faults and keep reiterating the blunders of the past? Must be the figures. Because Pnoy’s power point presentation showing the indexes proved that there was indeed a huge margin when good governance played its role.

There’s more to do Mr. President. Let the justice system do its role. As what they did to the highest appointed position in the judicial level, the impeachment case against Renato Corona. The graft case against Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales and yes, the numerous cases filed for the former President now Congresswoman, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

President Aquino, as shown in his detailed presentation, had proudly announced the various economic indicators which he said were booming. Gross Domestic product had increased, investors’ confidence had surged as accounted by figures in the business sectors showing all-time high in stock dealings. These are indeed good indicators that the economy is thriving. But, as for the critics, it is not enough to generate more employment. People do need to have jobs. But jobs had all been concentrated on the retail industry which is feeding the whole economy. Whereas in other sectors, employment still has to take off. And, as expected, he included in his SONA how our government were able lend $1 million of our dollar reserves to the IMF. He jokingly said that the country could afford to lend dollars now.

However, Pnoy beg to explained to the audience and the Filipino citizens who were glued to their television that late afternoon, that lending money may have not actually constitute a thriving economy. Critics were quick to rebut the idea that how can our country lend money when WE ARE in fact BORROWING money from other foreign banks for budget support and yearly deficits? The loaned money could have been used to bankroll projects which could have helped millions of Filipinos.

President PNoy cited the lowered rate of unemployment with a total of almost 3.1 million jobs during his term.

The President assures government workers of provision of benefits and the unveiling of performance based incentives for state workers. The bonus of government workers this year will be based on achieved targets of employees. And old-age and disability pensioners will receive at least P5,000 per month. These, he pronounced in full audacity giving him full applause from the audience.

He cited also the target of 4.6 million tourists for 2012. He added that DOTC’s “It’s More Fun in The Philippines” tourism campaign was successful and positive that with the projected influx of tourists, more employment will be generated.

The President’s addressed on education looked promising. Starting off with an increased in budget at state universities and colleges. This will allow more poor but deserving students to have accessed to free education. Pnoy stressed out that there will be more textbooks being provided to students from elementary levels up to secondary levels. There will be more chairs to be distributed to public schools. Let’s hope that the increased budget in the education department will enable every school age Filipinos to attend school. As despite the government’s giving free education, there are still more school age children and teens who are out of school. This is where the President snapped out the controversial RH Bill. This is what his audience particularly the legislators who are pushing for this bill have been anticipating. Proponents of the RH Bill had been lobbying various sectors and the public in order for the bill to pass. There has a lot of apprehension on the controversial bill. Pushing religious sectors and other pro-life group to marched protest in opposing the bill. But as Pnoy gave a brief statement about it, lawmakers were positive the bill would finally have a chance.

Also, the President praised TESDA Secretary Joel Villanueva for a job well done for the reforms and effective implementation of technical education scholarships and other beneficial programs to help our youth gained skills and be given certificates for them to secure sustainable employment. Training certificates can be useful for other Filipinos seeking overseas job, too.

85% of Filipinos are now Philhealth members and they expand their health services to cancer and leukemia patients. He explained also the lowered number of dengue patients than last year’s with the help of DOST and DOH secretary. He also encouraged the Congress to pass the sin tax reform bill to raise taxes on cigarettes and liquors. These will helped raised our revenue. At the same time, raising liens on these disease causing products would mean citizens will stray away from unhealthy habits.

He applauded the more 30,000 nurses deployed to over 36,000 barangays during his term. This will bridge the speedy communication between rural health units and hospitals. People will get easy access to doctors and other health providers.

Infrastructure and other vital projects
The President mentioned the following construction of airport in Bohol, Legaspi and in Misamis Oriental in 2016. This will be beneficial to the DOTC’s campaign of boosting the Philippines as a tourist hub. More airports with improved facilities will likely lessen the congestion at NAIAA and at Terminal 3.
  • He cited also the start of construction of LRT line 1 Cavite extension last June 2012.
  • The NAIA-3 structural defects are also cited.
  • SLEX-NLEX connection to be finished in 2015.
  • Better implementation of bidding process at DPWH is mentioned also.
Critics were having second thoughts about the other infrastructure project that the President cited. Too good to be true. In such a short period before his term ends. Will there be another 6-year term for him?

Pres. Aquino hopes that the country can export rice in 2013.He also dwelt on the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program. But, the audience had been disappointed that he doesn’t address on the issue of Luisita. An issue which had been haunting him since his electoral campaign.An issue which his foremost adversary, then Chief Justine Corona had continuously thrown on him.

DOST/PAGASA’s Project NOAH cited, he proudly said that the disaster preparedness in the country had been improved extensively. But the project had actually failed after numerous cities in the Capital region were drenched in flood resulting in property losses and loss of lives. The government does not have concrete plans for permanent flood control. Unless this problem had not been given due importance, the wrath of nature will continue to wreak havoc on properties and lives. The history of Ondoy will continue to resurface. As in the recent monsoon rains which brought up increased precipitation in and around Manila and nearby Luzon provinces sending thousands trapped inside their houses or hang on to their dear lives waiting for those speedboats at their rooftops.

Concurrently, the President cited his plan that by 2013, 600 rain gauges and 422 water level sensors will be installed at 18 main river basins. 1.5 million hectares of trees to be planted by 2016 and the Executive Order on mining cited. President gave also warning to those illegal loggers who were constantly destroying the environment.

Overall, the President’s SONA is worthy of the applause meted by the audience in the Batasan Complex. The question hanging in the minds of all the Filipinos after hearing his speech is as clear as the summer sky. Will the projects be done before the completion of his term?

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