Top 10 Tech Predictions 2013

No matter what changes happen over the year 2013, the technology industry is looking at strong and stable growth from the first to the last quarter. Some changes might seem rather predictable, but others will be sweeping and surprising in scope.


Here are the top 10 predictions for 2013:

1- Demand on the Rise for Laptop/Tablet Combinations

Having the best of both worlds became more than a dream with the release of Dell’s XPS DUO, Lenovo’s Yoga and HP’s Elitebook. IT management caught the fever of combining laptop and tablet technology by experimenting with them on their own time. The ease of supporting one device versus two or three makes it an incredibly appealing product. Look for a huge upswing in demand because the word is out.

2- Apple Jumps into the Hybrid Market

The light feel of the iPad has cornered a huge market share, but there is a noticeable gap between this device and a hybrid product like the MacBook Air. Having a permanently or detachable keyboard would fill the bill. Oh yes, there are Bluetooth keyboards you can purchase and use after market, but having one designed by Apple to work with the iPad would turn it into the hybrid laptop product consumers crave. 2013 might be the year that Apple decides to give people what they truly want.

3- Apple Decides to Self-Supply

Apple supplies more of its own hardware than most computer companies in existence. They will take this up a notch by purchasing and developing its own chains of supply, such as machining plants and foundry works. This will eliminate the constant headaches of not having enough of the basic materials to make the needed parts and components of Apple products. If anyone has enough banks to do this, certainly Apple does.

4- The Mainstream of AR

Augmented Reality in the world of mobile devices will become a hot commodity in the coming months. AR companies like Zappar have been peddling their technologies to movie makers, publishers and game developers for quite some time. These folks are listening. This technology has shown promise in all types of published and artistic works. If there is a way to fit AR into the 2013 mobile landscape, it’ll happen very soon.

5- Google and Motorola: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Samsung has taken its future into its own hands by developing a software platform. This move, although good for Samsung, weakened the Android market. Google has been partnered with Samsung for a long time. To combat the failing health of the Android due to Samsung’s move, they are prepared to answer by delivering a Nexus. This can be either a very high priced or low priced model. Either/or strategy will work. Google has the ability to flood the market and come out a winner.

6- Samsung: Rise of the Tizen

Samsung has been diligently working on its Tizen operating system that, once released, will offer it more autonomy from Google than ever before. Further investiture in taking control of its own destiny is a foregone conclusion.

7- Consumers Begin to Take the Chromebook by Google Serious

The inexpensive Google Chromebook is priced at about $250. They are becoming more and more attractive to the average consumer that wants to get online without a lot of hassle. Built by Acer and Samsung, the only major flaw is that it only works while you are connected to the internet. This isn’t so bothersome to the 2013 consumer since public Wi-Fi connections seem to be everywhere.

8- RIM Might Fade Away

2013 will see a push of RIMs BlackBerry 10. Honestly, it appears to be the final hopes of a company that has been losing leverage in the marketplace for a long time. They may join forces with another solid company, but it looks more and more like it might ride off into the sunset.

9- Downsizing is where it’s at

Consumer decisions will be price driven for much of 2013. The median price of $100 for a 7-in tablet makes it an ultra interesting prospective purchase. Granted the 10-in tablets can be used like a laptop if you invest in the Bluetooth keyboard. The fact is, neither the 7 nor 10-in tablet are REALLY able to do any of the heavy processing jobs of a PC or laptop. Consumers aren’t stupid and are quick to figure this out. Laptop sales will most likely continue to increase as desktop PCs age and break down. Many consumers will always have a need for the power of a full on computer. The tablet industry, however, will be controlled more by price since performance is relatively the same.

10- Might as Well make it myself

Microsoft hurt a lot of feelings when it released the Surface tablet. It caused a rift with existing hardware partnership companies that are nearly impossible to repair. They might as well go all-in and purchase HTC or Nokia and provide its own hardware for all Windows phones. If you’re going to isolate yourself, you might as well be rich, right?
Author Bio: The article is bang out by Michael Clark. He is father of a teenage son who loves to buy latest gadgets and their accessories. Last week Michael purchased an iPad 3 screen protector for his new iPad 3.
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