How to Build Home Solar Panels?

You have placed yourself among the many well wishers of the mother earth around the world if you are considering to make your own solar panels. You have to know how you are helping mother earth and the future generation by taking the decision of making a solar panel. You have to know all the benefits of a solar panel before you know how to build home solar panels. Here, we will discuss the benefits of the solar panel and the criteria to be considered to make solar panels, before we discuss the step by step process to make a solar panel.
how to build home solar panels

Benefits of Building Home Solar panels

1. You are making environment friendly green energy. Your solar panel only needs sun light as fuel and do not emit any harmful substance to the atmosphere during the solar-energy making process. This characteristic makes a solar panel system the most applauded power generating system at the current environmental situation.

2. Investment to build a home solar panel is only one time and during the installation. The investment could be recovered within a few years. You can make cost free energy after the realization of your initial investment. You can lower or eliminate your monthly electricity bills. Even you can make money selling electricity to others.

3. The maintenance of the solar panel is easy and effortless. The maintenance cost is very low. You do not have to spend a lot of time or effort or money to maintain your solar panel.

4. A solar panel installed at your home increases the value of the property. A home with a functional solar panel is valued high by the realtors.

5. Unlike conventional methods electricity generated by a solar panel could be used two ways. You can store the electricity in batteries, or you can add it to your grid.

Criteria to be Considered Before Building a Home Solar Panel

1. You should consider the cost of building your home solar panel. You may not have to invest all the hard cash at once. There are government subsidiaries and state tax rebates available. You can also purchase solar panels at a discount rate. It is more possible if you want to build a community-based solar panel.

2. You have to consider the right materials for your solar panel. Generally, there are two types of solar panels available. One is the polycrystalline form, and the other is the amorphous form. Amorphous is more expensive, smaller and more efficient.

3. You can use solar electricity in two methods. You can store the electricity in a battery, or you can add the electricity to your grid. You have to make sure your grid accommodates the solar electricity. You may have to alter your grid utilities to accommodate the solar electricity.

Five-Step Home Solar Panel Building Process

Making a home solar panel is not a complex technology, still you have to know the exact process on how to build home solar panels:

1. The first step to make your solar panel is to acquire an installation manual. It may come with the panels you have purchased. There are many guides available in the net for free. Some of them are very detailed and illustrated. You have to make one of them available in your hand. It will ensure the proper installation of your solar panel system.

2. A solar panel is made of a sheet of plywood, some glass, wire, silicone and screws apart from the solar cells which are the main component. You can buy a pre-installed system, or you can purchase each component separately and install it according to the installation manuals.

3. Placement of your solar panel is important. Optimum exposure to sunlight to the pane is the main aim here. Generally, roof tops are the ideal place to install a solar panel.

4. You have to arrange storage for the solar electricity. In the summer your solar panel may produce more electricity than you consume. In that case, you can store the excess electricity to a battery to use it later.

5. You have to connect the network to the breaker panel - house appliance generally runs on A/C so you will need to pass the wires through an inverter to convert DC to AC before connecting it to the electricity breaker system of your home.
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